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NOAW Bottecelli Flywheel Slicer

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Price: £2995.00

NOAW Bottecelli Flywheel Slicer
Manual flywheel slicer. Blade 300 mm.
Built completely in aluminum and stainless steel, is a compact slicer, but functional, elegant and extremely easy to clean.
Made to cut all kind of cold cuts and particularly for "prosciutto".
Point of strength of this machine is that can be easily cleaned, having large spaces between the blade and the head, thing that is not easy to find in other machines of the same category.
The machine has a special blade in 100Cr6; this material is more resistant to the corrosion and rust. All the parts of the machine are in aluminum and in stainless steel.
Compact and elegant, is not only a beautiful complement of furnish, is a functional machine, able of good cutting without discards and scraps.

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