Retail Scales

MWeigh offer the following range of retail scales:

Bizerba Scales

Bizerba Scales

K 800

K-class range

Multimedia Scale

Bizerba K-class touch screen scales integrate all the key retail tasks - weighing, cash register function, advertising, printing, advising – into a single solution. They serve as intelligent platforms for creating advertising content, cross selling, operator training and consumer advice.

Bizerba Scales - SC II System Scale SC 800

SC II range

System Scale

Perfect weighing performance over a large weighing spectrum – this is what makes the Bizerba System class always stand out. Thanks to an exceptionally powerful processor the most up-to-date communication technology can be utilized. The System class offers maximum individual freedom of design – from keyboard layout to software enhancements.

Bizerba Scales - BCII Stand-alone Scale BC 800

BC II range

Stand-alone Scale

The Basic class defines its very own standards for stand-alone operation. Fast, central data programming and data maintenance as well as the option to access management evaluations make BC II scales truly high performers.